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Dodge 1800 (1973–5)

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1973 Dodge 1800.jpg

Dodge 1800. 1973–5 (prod. 92,665, incl. Polara). 2-door sedan. F/R, 1799 cm³ (I4 OHV). Announced November 1972 and launched April 1973, Brazilian version of Hillman Avenger, with different rear side window and rear end. Originally with 78 hp. Nicknamed Dodginho. Not that well suited to local conditions, and car had to be improved and relaunched in 1976 as Polara, using old Dodge name with much goodwill in Brazil. Sporting 1800 SE version in 1974 with collector interest.

Manufacturing location: São Paulo, Brazil

Marque: Dodge | Successor: Dodge Polara (1976–81)

q.v. Dodge 1500

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