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Daewoo Royale
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Daewoo Royale Salon Automatic.jpg

Daewoo Royale. 1983–91 (prod. 36,591 Salon, 97,965 Prince, 29,004 XQ, 11,930 Diesel). 4-door sedan. F/R, 1492 cm³ petrol, 1998 cm³ diesel (I4 OHC), 1897, 1979 cm³ (I4 CIH). With Daewoo taking over Saehan’s operations, the Rekord tag was dropped and the cars became Daewoo Royale. Confusing, annual model changes mixing elements of Opel, Holden and Daewoo’s own sheetmetal. Initially commenced in 1983 with XQ, essentially the Opel Rekord E1, and the Salon, resembling the Opel Commodore C (or, more accurately, the Holden Commodore (VB)) but with the smaller four-cylinder engines. Royale Prince took Opel Rekord E2 grille but kept the rear end of the E1. By 1985, XQ and Diesel facelifted, retaining short front sheetmetal of the earlier model but with wider lights. Prince rear end altered to one closer to Opel Senator A1. Salon Super introduced in 1986 with six-light glasshouse of Senator A1 and resembled that model. In 1987, further facelifts: Salon and Super Salon (spun off to its own line) received a new grille not resembling any others within the GM empire (bearing, instead, one similar to that of the Toyota Crown (S130)). Rear end also modified, now distinct from Senator. Royale Duke of 1987 retained shorter front end of XQ and four-light body (see separate entry). All Royales adopted the six-light glasshouse in 1989. After 1991, Imperial, Prince and Super Salon survived the retirement of the Royale name.

Manufacturing location: Korea

Marque: Daewoo | Predecessor: Saehan Rekord (1978–83) | Successors: Daewoo Super Salon, Daewoo Prince, Daewoo Imperial


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