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Chrysler New Yorker (1974–8)
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1975 Chrysler New Yorker Brougham.jpg

Chrysler New Yorker. 1974–8 (prod. n/a). 2-door coupé, 4-door sedan, 4-door hardtop sedan. F/R, 440 in³ (V8 OHV). The fuselage Chryslers restyled for the 1970s, appearing around the time of the first fuel crisis. More durable than before, and quieter, though slightly noisier than US rivals. Torsion bars with leaf springs at rear, with better handling than full-size cars from Ford and GM, while maintaining a good ride. Poor fuel economy as with its competitors. Absorbed Imperial range for 1976.

Manufacturing location: USA

Marque: Chrysler | Model: Chrysler New Yorker | Predecessors: Chrysler New Yorker (1969–73), Imperial LeBaron (1974–5) | Successor: Chrysler New Yorker (1979–81)

q.v. Chrysler Town & Country (1974–7)


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