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AWS Shopper

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AWS Shopper.jpg

AWS Shopper. 1973–4 (prod. 1,700 approx., incl. 300 Piccolo utilities). 3-door saloon. R/R, 247 cm³ (I2 2-str.). The last traces of Goggomobil in the new-car market in the 1970s. A former Borgward dealer, Walter Schätzle, developed the Shopper based on the running-gear and engine of the Goggomobil T 250, developing 10 kW. Spaceframe using steel and aluminium, on to which orange plastic panels were added. Light at 415 kg and the 0·2-litre two-stroke was good for 75 km/h. Inadequate build quality for the plastic panels, while the price was high: customers could go for a Volkswagen Käfer (1960–80) or Fiat 126 instead. AWS went bankrupt in 1974.

Manufacturing location: Berlin, West Germany

Marque: AWS


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