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Chevrolet Cavalier

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Part of GM’s J-car programme, an attempt to produce a front-wheel-drive car for every market—including the Opel Ascona C, Holden Camira, Chevrolet Monza (1982–96) and Isuzu Florian Aska. The Chevrolet Cavalier was the mainstream American model, the cheapest J-car on the market, and sold on that basis. It received OHV engines, had only an average safety record, and was never known for build quality; after the 1984 facelift, it was nearly indistinguishable to most observers to the plush Cadillac Cimarron, a car on the same platform costing twice the money. Unlike the Opel Ascona, Cavalier was only updated with facelifts and modest freshenings, and when a fully revised 1995 model emerged, it seemed dated almost on launch with poor interior packaging (despite some increase in dimensions), sub-par build and low-quality materials used. A car that once fought Honda Accords in the 1980s was targeting Civics by the turn of the century—and not doing a particularly good job of it. Some 1995–2005 Cavaliers were exported as Toyota Cavaliers to Japan, with some minor changes, though build quality was not what one would expect.

Marque: Chevrolet | Successor: Chevrolet Cobalt

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