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Renault 5 Turbo

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Renault 5 Turbo.jpg

Renault 5 Turbo (Projet 822). 1980–6 (prod. 1,690 Turbo, 3,167 Turbo 2). 3-door saloon. M/R, 1397 cm³ (I4 OHV). Extreme version of Renault 5, originally a homologation special built at Alpine in Dieppe with a mid-engine; successful competition history. Most powerful French car at the time (160 hp). Turbo 2, with more common parts but similar performance, from 1983.

Manufacturing location: Dieppe, Haute-Normandie, France

Marque: Renault | Model: Renault 5 | Successor: Renault Sport Clio V6

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