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Renault 5

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Supermini from Renault, one of a new wave of small hatchbacks to hit the European market in the 1970s. Simple, modern, crisp design was so successful that Renault dared not change the formula when the original 5, Projet 122, was replaced in the 1980s. Very successful for the company, and spawned a 5 Turbo model for rallying. FASA–Renault of Spain created the Siete, or Renault 7, a four-door booted model. The original 5 was later licensed to SAIPA of Iran, where it remained in production till the 1990s; and SAIPA subsequently manufactured several other models based on the car in the first decade of the 21st century.

Marque: Renault | Predecessors: Renault 4, Citroën Dyane | Successor: Renault Clio

q.v. Pars Khodro Sepand

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