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Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser (1977–90)

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1990 Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser.jpg

Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser. 1977–90 (prod. n/a). 5-door wagon. F/R, 5032, 5737, 6595 cm³ petrol, 5737 cm³ diesel (V8 OHV). B-body wagon, sensibly downsized at last, relatively quiet for the class with a good ride. Soft suspension, so not known for handling. Diesels proved unreliable, and the largest 6·6 was only available through 1979. Restyled for 1980 as with Oldsmobile Delta 88 (1977–85), and the Custom Cruiser saw out its days with minor mechanical and equipment changes thereafter. Related to other B-body wagons such as the Chevrolet Caprice (1977–90), Buick Estate (1977–9, 1990), Pontiac Safari (1987–9) and others.

Manufacturing location: USA

Marque: Oldsmobile | Model: Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser | Predecessor: Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser (1971–6) | Successor: Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser (1991–2)

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