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Holden Kingswood (HQ)

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1971 Holden Kingswood.jpg

Holden Kingswood (HQ). 1971–4 (prod. 485,650 all HQ). 4-door sedan, 5-door wagon, 2-door pick-up. F/R, 202 in³ (I6 OHV), 253, 308 in³ (V8 OHV). Considered beautiful at launch and the most significant new Holden since the marque was launched, with very thin A-pillars and unadorned styling. Ride was very American, with poor handling to suit, but Australians flocked to the HQ nonetheless. Perimeter-frame chassis aiding rigidity, four-link front and rear suspension with coils on passenger cars, flow-through ventilation, optional power steering. Larger six at base, stroked from old 186; all-Australian gearboxes. Limited-edition Vacationer in 1973 was a Kingswood with more standard equipment. Range contributed to Holden’s record year of 1973. A related model, the Chevrolet Kommando LS, was sold in South Africa.

Manufacturing location: Australia

Marque: Holden | Model: Holden Kingswood | Predecessor: Holden Kingswood (HG) | Successor: Holden Kingswood (HJ)

q.v. Holden Belmont (HQ), Holden Premier (HQ), Holden Statesman (HQ), Chevrolet Kommando (AQ)

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