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Holden Statesman (HQ)

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1974 Holden Statesman de Ville.jpg

Holden Statesman (HQ). 1971–4 (prod. 485,650 all HQ, incl. Belmont, Kingswood, Premier, commercials). 4-door sedan. F/R, 202 in³ (I6 OHV), 253, 302, 350 in³ (V8 OHV). The Holden name was non-existent in the marketing domestically as it launched a new long-wheelbase sedan as its Australian flagship to rival Ford Fairlane; the approach was not dissimilar to the US’s ‘Thunderbird by Ford’. Suffers from poor handling as with other HQs due to American management, and rear doors and long-wheelbase platform shared with wagon, but well hidden thanks to distinctive styling. Related to Chevrolet Constantia (AQ) and Chevrolet de Ville in South Africa, a.k.a. Chevrolet 350 when fitted with imported V8 in New Zealand; and as Isuzu Statesman de Ville in Japan, where 246 were sold in 1973–4.

Manufacturing location: Australia

Marque: Holden | Model: Holden Statesman | Predecessor: Holden Brougham (HG) | Successor: Holden Statesman (HJ)

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