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Ford Ka

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Subcompact Ford, originally based around a shortened Fiesta platform, marked the company’s use of the New Edge design philosophy in the mid-1990s. No direct predecessor, though one could say it filled the niche of the Ford Popular. The Ka was a fashionable city car, recognizing that buyers in that segment wanted style—the other car that fitted the mould at the time was the Renault Twingo. As with most city cars, each generation would have a long life, and by the middle of the 2000s, the Ka was looking dated, though the model range had been buoyed with the arrival of the StreetKa roadster. Brazil replaced its Ka with the B402 series, essentially a reskin of the original model, with carryover doors. Europe received a brand-new model on the Fiat 500 (2007–) platform, built in Poland. The third-generation Ka was launched in July 2014 in Brazil, replacing both the B402 and the Fiesta Rocam (a facelifted Mk VI), with other markets following in 2015.

Marque: Ford | Predecessor: Ford Fiesta

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