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Fiat Punto (Progetto 199). 2005–9 (prod. over 1,000,000 approx.). 3- and 5-door saloon. F/F, 1242, 1368 cm³ petrol, 1368 cm³ CNG, 1910 cm³ diesel (I4 OHC), 1248, 1598 cm³ diesel, 1368 cm³ petrol (I4 DOHC). Attractive, Giugiaro-styled compact car, supplementing Fiat Punto (188). Maserati 3200 GT-like front end, as small cars took on sporting design features. Good handling with good ride, though noisier than some, depending on engine. Exported to some markets as Fiat Punto.

Manufacturing locations: Melfi, Potenza, Italy; Mirafiori, Torino, Italy

Marque: Fiat | Model: Fiat Punto | Predecessor: Fiat Punto (188) | Successor: Fiat Punto Evo

q.v. Abarth Grande Punto, Fiat Linea, Fiat Avventura, Fiat Punto (310)

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