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AC Cobra (1962–7)

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AC Cobra.jpg

AC Cobra. 1962–7 (prod. 75 for 260, 571 for 289, 306 for 427 and 428). 2-door roadster. F/R, 4261, 4727, 6997 cm³ (V8 OHV). AC Ace with various V8 Ford units inserted, the brainchild of Carroll Shelby, and generally referred to as Shelby Cobra in the US. Very hairy, considering the chassis dated back to the 1950s, though stronger rear differential and four-wheel disc brakes added. Original was similar to Ace, but AC strengthened the chassis for subsequent models, with Salisbury final drive and limited-slip differential. Cars arrived without engines and gearboxes at Shelby in Venice, Calif. Initially the 260, then the 289. Mk II from 1963. Revised platform for 427 and 428 in 1965, or the Mk III, with further strengthening and coil suspension: 428 was the cheaper one. Production restarted in the 1980s by Autokraft but the Cobra name was subject to a legal dispute as Shelby filed suit. Plenty of counterfeit versions otherwise, usually apeing the 427.

Manufacturing locations: Thames Ditton, Surrey, England; Venice, California, USA

Marque: AC | Model: AC Cobra | Predecessor: AC Ace (1953–64) | Successor: AC 427, 428

q.v. AC 289, Autokraft Mk IV

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