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Volkswagen K 70
Out now: Autocade Yearbook 2024

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Volkswagen K70.jpg

Volkswagen K 70. 1970–5 (prod. 211,127). 4-door saloon. F/F, 1605, 1807 cm³ (I4 OHC). NSU-developed saloon, conceived to be conventionally engineered, little brother to Ro 80. The name denoted Kolben (piston) and 70 PS, contrasting the rotary (Ro) designation of the larger car. Originally meant to be launched as NSU in 1969 but pulled by new owner Volkswagen at the eleventh hour, though some sources suggest 23 NSU-badged examples were made and at least one appeared in contemporary advertising announcing the model. Volkswagen put it through a testing programme, finding reliability problems. Improvements made for 1970 launch as a Volkswagen. Consequently, first water-cooled, front-engined Volkswagen as well as the first with front drive. LS model with 100 PS for 1973. More space efficient than competitors such as Opel Rekord C, and better suspension. Thanks to high, boxy body (Cd 0,55), not that economical. Few parts’ commonalities with other models, and sold poorly. Not officially replaced, though Passat (B1) may be said to fill its market.

Manufacturing location: Salzgitter, Niedersachsen, Germany

Marque: Volkswagen

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