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Renault Rafale

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2023 Renault Rafale.jpg

Renault Rafale (DHN). 2023 to date (prod. n/a). 5-door coupé–SUV. F/F, F/R/A, 1199 cm³–2 kWh petrol–electric hybrid, 9·8 kWh–1598 cm³ electric–petrol hybrid (I3 DOHC). Coupé version of Austral, on the same CMF-CD platform, and considered Renault’s crossover flagship. Styled under ex-Peugeot design chief Gilles Vidal. Polymer dispersed liquid crystals in roof allow it to go from transparent to opaque. Roomy interior and boot for the class. Digital displays inside, including head-up display.

Manufacturing location: Palencia, Castilla y León, Spain

Marque: Renault


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