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Renault Mégane

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The Renault Mégane is a small- to mid-sized car, introduced in 1995, and was an example of how to get many variants from a basic platform: five-door hatchback, four-door saloon, five-door estate, minivan, two-door coupé and two-door convertible. A radical second-generation model débuted in 2002, with a similarly wide array of models. The Scénic minivan is based off the Mégane platform. The third generation débuted in 2008, with the four-door saloon now spun off into its own line, the Fluence, while the Mégane badges disappeared off the Scénic. Fourth generation followed in 2015, while it was all change with an electric model in 2021.

Marque: Renault | Predecessor: Renault 19 | Successors: Renault Fluence, Renault Scénic


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