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Opel Ascona
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Opel’s mid-sized model débuted in 1970, fitting in between the small Kadett and the larger Rekord. The car was conceived as a rival to the Ford Taunus, and was reasonably successful, with 691,000 built of the first generation. The second-generation Ascona B was more global, being the basis of the Vauxhall Cavalier Mk I and the Chevrolet Ascona and Chevrolet Chevair in South Africa. In 1981, Opel launched the Ascona C as its version of GM’s global front-wheel-drive J-car project—which had also spawned the Chevrolet Cavalier, Holden Camira and Isuzu Florian Aska. The Ascona C formed the basis of some South American Chevrolets and, surprisingly, the Daewoo Espero. The range was replaced by the Opel Vectra in 1988.

Marque: Opel | Successor: Opel Vectra


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