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Mercury Cougar (1967–8)
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1967 Mercury Cougar.jpg

Mercury Cougar. 1967–8 (prod. 264,979). 2-door coupé. F/R, 289, 302, 390, 427 in³ (V8 OHV). More luxurious and solid-looking version of Ford Mustang, on longer wheelbase (111 in v. 108 in), but with similar proportions. In some respects a mixture between Mustang and Thunderbird in market positioning. Above-average assembly. Famed XR-7 from 1967½ with extra standard equipment. For 1968, two 302 in³ engines introduced. GT-E for 1968 with big-block 427 in³ as part of muscle-car race between the Big Three. A sporting car, considered highly by collectors. Mercury’s “halo car”, rejuvenating the division, to a point where the brand could be signalled by the cougar, used in Cougar commercials, alone.

Manufacturing location: Dearborn, Michigan, USA

Marque: Mercury | Model: Mercury Cougar | Successor: Mercury Cougar (1969–70)

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