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''Manufacturing location:'' Longbridge, England
''Manufacturing location:'' Longbridge, England
''Marque:'' [[MG]] | ''Model:'' [[MG ZR]] | ''Predecessor:'' [[MG ZR Mk I]] | ''Successor:'' [[MG 3]]
''Marque:'' [[MG]] | ''Model:'' [[MG ZR]] | ''Predecessor:'' [[MG ZR Mk I]] | ''Successor:'' [[MG 3 Mk I]]

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MG ZR 5-door.jpg

MG ZR (Mk II). 2004–5 (prod. 74,136 including Mk I). 3- and 5-door saloon. F/F, 1396, 1795 cm³ (4 cyl. DOHC), 1994 cm³ diesel (4 cyl. OHC). Cosmetic changes for ZR, distancing it from Rover 25. Last small MG out of Longbridge as MG Rover itself collapsed in 2005, the intellectual property for the car having been sold to SAIC of China and the tooling to Nanjing Automobile Corp.

Manufacturing location: Longbridge, England

Marque: MG | Model: MG ZR | Predecessor: MG ZR Mk I | Successor: MG 3 Mk I


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