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Ford Scorpio
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The replacement for venerable Granada marked that Ford was thinking forward about consumer tastes in the 1980s. Scorpio was launched in 1985 with only a hatchback model, showing Ford’s confidence in the form, with very good quality and ABS across the range (enough to earn it the European Car of the Year award for 1986). However, as tastes changed, Scorpio’s lack of a four-door saloon and estate did not help, and both were added for a Mk II version in 1992. (These original Scorpios still carried the Granada name in the UK, where Scorpio was a high-spec trim level above Ghia.) In 1994, the hatchback was dropped and the Scorpio range heavily revised to reflect Ford’s 1990s’ design direction, but the oval themes in the new front and rear ends were not to everyone’s liking. As big executive cars from mainstream brands such as Ford and Opel fell out of favour, Ford deleted the Scorpio in 1998, ending an era that began with the big Taunuses, the Zephyr and the Zodiac.

Marque: Ford | Predecessor: Ford Granada | Successor: Ford Mondeo

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