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Fiat 600 Multipla
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Fiat 600 Multipla.jpg

Fiat 600 Multipla. 1956–67 (prod. 129,994). 4-door MPV. R/R, 633, 767 cm³ (I4 OHV). Very possibly the world’s first MPV, based on the Fiat 600 (1955–82) platform and Fiat 1100/103 front suspension. Front row of seats moved to the front of the vehicle, allowing for, at its maximum, two more rows behind. Larger-capacity radiator. Harsh ride and not particularly powerful. Larger engine from 1960, creating the 600D Multipla.

Manufacturing location: Torino, Italy

Marque: Fiat | Model: Fiat 600 | Successor: Fiat 850 Familiare


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