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Fiat 500X

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2014 Fiat 500X.jpg

Fiat 500X. 2014 to date (prod. n/a). 5-door SUV. F/F, F/A, 999 cm³ (I3 DOHC), 1368, 1598, 2360 cm³ (I4 OHC), 1248, 1332, 1598, 1956 cm³ diesel, 1368 cm³ petrol (I4 DOHC). SUV unveiled at Paris 2014. Fiat, knowing its 500 to be a hit, created an SUV around the same cheeky looks, on a Punto platform. Built alongside Jeep Renegade (BU), with which it shares a platform and most engines. Rival for Nissan Juke and Renault Captur I. Revisions in 2018, with new 1·0 and 1·3 petrol units.

Manufacturing location: Melfi, Potenza, Italy

Marque: Fiat | Model: Fiat 500


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