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Chevrolet Chevette
Out now: Autocade Yearbook 2024

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1976 Chevrolet Chevette.jpg

Chevrolet Chevette (T-car/Projeto 909). 1973–93 (prod. 4,400,000 approx.). 2-, 3-, 4, and 5-door sedan, 3-door wagon. F/R, 994, 1398, 1599 cm³ petrol, 1817 cm³ diesel (I4 OHC). First of the T-cars, launched in Brazil in 1973, and a clone of the Opel Kadett C, till 1978, when it adopted a grille similar to the US version. US model launched for 1976 model year as hatchback only (five-door from 1978), with diesel added in that market in 1982. Brazilian model added hatchback in 1979, alcohol-powered version from 1980, the same year as Marajó three-door wagon. Facelifts in both Brazil and US for 1983, though with different sheetmetal: Brazilian model gained wrap-around indicators. Final model year in US was 1987. Chevette Junior model in Brazil in 1992, with 1·0-litre engine developing 50 PS. Production ceased November 1993, and replaced by Chevrolet Corsa, a version of the Opel Corsa B. Brazilian model exported to Argentina as GMC Chevette, 1992–5. Three- and five-door built under licence at Aymesa in Ecuador from 1981 (San Remo four-door sedan from 1983). In most cases, basic transport, with simple engineering. Badge engineered in Canada as Pontiac Acadian and spun off Chevy 500 pick-up in Brazil; Pontiac T1000 twin added 1981 and later renamed 1000.

Manufacturing locations: São José dos Campos, São Paulo, Brazil; Wilmington, Delaware, USA; Atlanta, Georgia, USA; Quito, Ecuador; Uruguay

Marque: Chevrolet | Predecessors: Chevrolet Vega, Cóndor (1978–83), Opel K 180 | Successors: Suzuki Cultus (AA44S), Opel Corsa B

q.v. Vauxhall Chevette, Saehan Gemini, Holden Gemini (TX), Isuzu Bellett Gemini (and their successors)

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