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Out now: Autocade Yearbook 2024

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Autocade aims to inform and support the motoring press and car enthusiasts and is a database treated as a publication in terms of accuracy, editing and editorial integrity.

The original pages on Autocade were the work of branding expert, publisher and typeface designer Jack Yan and, therefore, focus more on his lifetime (from the 1970s on). The tweaks to the home page displaying random models and other PHP edits were by Peter Jobes. In April 2011, Keith Adams of AROnline and Parkers joined and began adding entries. In March 2013, Nigel Dunn upgraded the underlying software and moved the site on to a new server. In March 2020, some background information supplied by Carfolio began to be added. With a server shift, a fresh installation was created in February 2022. When that version went live, the viewing counters were reset, as there was no way to import the earlier data.

Registered users can edit the database, though changes are checked whenever possible. Experiences with certain models can be recorded on the ‘Discussion’ page for each entry.

As of March 2011, unregistered users wishing to edit Autocade must email the sysop for an account. Unfortunately, spam accounts outnumbered legitimate ones through February, and this change was, regrettably, made to prevent them, after other means failed.

What this site isn’t meant to do

Autocade is not meant to replace Wikipedia or the specialist car sites dedicated to selected makes or models. Wikipedia, for example, has lengthy pieces on selected models—Autocade seeks to provide primarily summaries, akin to a dictionary. The decision of the publisher is final when it comes to disputes.

It’s also not meant to replace buyers’ guides such as Edmunds or The Red Book in Australia, or information sites such as Global Auto Index and Carfolio.

Autocade may best be thought of as a quick, first port of call, or as a research supplement to the above.

Like Global Auto Index, Autocade attempts to take the home market information as the base, adding export details on to that. It is not biased toward any one country. Many other sites are, naturally, biased toward the location of their owner or the writer.

This site attempts to be global. A British car should be written with a British viewpoint, with other markets treated as export ones; similarly, a Japanese car should be written with a Japanese viewpoint. Hence, there is an entry for the ‘Nissan Sunny (B14)’, but no entry for a ‘Nissan Sentra (B14)’—Sunny was the home-market name; Sentra was merely used on exports.

Links to relevant specialist pages off-site are welcome.


Most images used on this site are believed to fall under the fair use defence in copyright disputes and are strictly for educational and informative purposes only. The overwhelming majority are press photographs. A small handful have been photographed for one of our sister publications and are subject to copyright. Autocade will remove any images that are subject to a copyright dispute.

Sadly, due to abuse of similar sites, copying from this site is not permitted, without the express permission of Autocade. Original content here is copyright ©2008–23 by Jack Yan & Associates. You can email us at autocade, followed by @jyanet.com, for more information.

Autocade is a registered trade mark of Jack Yan & Associates.

Conventions and house styles

Please refer to the page ‘Community portal’ for information.


Search Carfolio for full specifications

Out now: Autocade Yearbook 2024