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Zastava 750, 850

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Zastava 750.jpg

Zastava (Застава) 750/Zastava 850. 1961–85 (prod. 923,487, incl. 36,481 850). 2-door saloon. R/R, 633, 767, 795, 843 cm³ (I4 OHV). Yugoslav licensed version of the Fiat 600 (1955–82), upgraded over the years with larger engines and other improvements. Nicknamed Фића, Фићо and Фичко (Fića, Fićo and Fičko) depending on the language, after a period cartoon character. Originally with the 633 cm³ engine in 1955, assembled at Kragujevac mere months after the Fiat was launched. The 767 cm³ was offered from 1961, with 18·5 kW and a maximum speed of 110 km/h: at this point local content rose sufficiently for CKD assembly to cease. The 750M appeared in 1970 with a 795 cm³ engine from Fiat Concord of Argentina. SE had the same capacity, but extra power (22 kW) and a dashboard modelled after the Fiat 126’s, on sale in 1979. Some CKD production took place using Yugoslav kits in Colombia. The 850 appeared in 1980, again with its engine supplied by Fiat Concórd, in the same body, rather than the Fiat 850 saloon’s. Top speed was now up to 124 km/h, with 23·4 kW of power, and disc brakes were added.

Manufacturing location: Kragujevac, Yugoslavia

Marque: Zastava

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