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2001 Volvo V70.jpg

Volvo V70 (P80SW). 2000–7 (prod. n/a). 5-door estate. F/F, F/A, 1984, 2319, 2435 cm³ petrol, 2401 cm³ diesel, 2435 cm³ petrol–CNG, 2435 cm³ petrol–LPG (I5 DOHC), 2460 cm³ diesel (I5 OHC). Much prettier V70 with slippery body (Cd 0,30 for the base model), with S80 design cues inside and out. Multi-link rear suspension, far stiffer body. Tuned to comfort and safety, even more performance-oriented T5 models. A very common sight in Sweden in the 2000s, as its “standard” estate car.

Manufacturing locations: Torslanda, Sweden; Gent, Belgium

Marque: Volvo | Model: Volvo V70 | Predecessors: Volvo V70 (P80LW), Volvo V90 (X44) | Successor: Volvo V70 (Y285)


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