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Simca Vedette (1957–61)

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1960 Simca Vedette.jpg

Simca Beaulieu/Simca Chambord/Simca Présidence/Simca Marly. 1957–61 (prod. 61,836). 4-door saloon, 5-door estate. F/R, 2351 cm³ (V8 SV). Rebodied Vedette, with even more Americanized looks (including fins), and a new set of names (with the exception of Marly estate). New flagship, the Présidence, with an extra 20 cm added to the length, mostly in the boot where it even gained an external spare, and in any colour as long as it was black. (Chapron actually created one for presidential use.) Killed due to competition—Citroën’s DS had appeared by this time—and government policy of petrol rationing. Built to 1961, though Australian assembly continued briefly after, and the Vedette lived on as the Chambord in Brazil, where production had commenced in 1959.

Manufacturing locations: Poissy, Île-de-France, France; São Bernardo do Campo, São Paulo, Brazil

Marque: Simca | Model: Simca Vedette | Predecessor: Simca Vedette (1954–7) | Successor: Simca Chambord

q.v. Simca Ariane

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