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Shanghai Maple

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A marque that started life as Jmstar in Shanghai in 1999, which showed three Citroën ZX clones in 2002, under the Meilu brand. Geely bought the company in 2003 and redesigned the cars, selling under a new brand, Shanghai Maple. Most of the cars from Maple—which has a tiny maple leaf as its badge—are derivatives of the ZX, with one exception: a left-hand-drive version of the LTI TX4 taxi, the product of a joint venture between Geely and Manganese Bronze Holdings in the UK. By 2010, Geely had reorganized its brands, leaving Shanghai Maple out in the cold, with no intention to replace its models. Its new brand, Englon, could be said to be Shanghai Maple’s successor, as it is meant to sell cars with “British” overtones, and the London cab was duly transferred to Englon.

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