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Panhard 24

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Panhard 24.jpg

Panhard 24. 1963–7 (prod. 28,651). 2-door saloon, 2-door coupé, 2-door LWB saloon. F/F, 848 cm³ (F2 OHV). Panhard’s last hurrah, sold only as a two-door as Citroën, with its increasing share in the business, nixed any possibility of a four-door that could rival something it was developing. Its other cost-imposed limit: sticking with the flat twin, rather than four-cylinder engines that were the norm in this segment. Nevertheless, the engine ingeniously could develop 50 to 60 PS (SAE), and the modern, aerodynamic shape, with fared-in headlights, helped with performance. Good ride, direct steering, but average brakes, despite the presence of discs all round, and poor gearshift. Not successful, held back by price and the unusual specification. C saloon and CT 2 + 2 to begin with, on standard wheelbase, with C deleted after the first year; B and BT long-wheelbase models from 1964, and stripped-down BA (161 built) between 1965 and 1966 only. Production of the 24 ceased on July 20, 1967, and the Panhard marque, which dated back to 1886, was history, as far as passenger cars were concerned.

Manufacturing location: Porte d’Ivry, Paris, France

Marque: Panhard

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