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Mitsubishi Minica (H42)

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Mitsubishi Minica.jpg

Mitsubishi Minica (H42A/H42V/H47A/H47V). 1998–2011 (prod. n/a). 3- and 5-door sedan. F/F, F/A, 657 cm³ (I3 OHC). Final generation of Minica, with another wheelbase stretch (2,340 mm) and pretty basic under the skin (torsion beam at rear; live axle for four-wheel-drive). Squarer shape, more rational with cost reduction in mind. Not a strong seller, especially with the Toppo BJ now a separate model line and doing much better, with Japanese favouring tall kei wagons over the traditional cars. Retro-styled Town Bee from 2000. First round of changes 2001, further exterior changes 2006. Bulk of sales were for the commercial version, built till 2011; more upmarket models lasted only till 2007. Commercial sales dwindled, too, by 2011. When discontinued, Minica was the longest-running kei car (though not truck) nameplate, spanning 49 years.

Manufacturing location: Japan

Marque: Mitsubishi | Model: Mitsubishi Minica | Predecessor: Mitsubishi Minica (H31) | Successor: Mitsubishi eK (B11W)

q.v. Mitsubishi Pistachio

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