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Maico MC 400.jpg

Maico MC 400. 1954–6 (prod. over 5,000 all Maico models). 2-door cabriolet, 2-door LWB saloon. R/R, 398 cm³ (I2 2-str.). Microcar based on Champion 250 from the 1940s, after Maico bought the assets of the ailing Champion firm in 1954. Essentially the Champion 400 with a change in name. Two-seater model referred to as MC 400/H. Four-seater, the MC 403 (known as MC 400/4), developed by Maico, with longer wheelbase (by 22 cm), and increased overall length and weight, appearing in 1956 (prod. 21 between May and October).

Manufacturing location: Ammerbruch-Pfäffingen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Marque: Maico | Predecessor: Champion 400 | Successor: Maico 500


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