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Koenigsegg CC

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Koenigsegg CC8S.jpg

Koenigsegg CC8S/Koenigsegg CCR/Koenigsegg CCX/Koenigsegg CCGT/Koenigsegg CCXR. 2002–10 (prod. over 51). 2-door coupé. M/R, 4601, 4700, 4800 cm³ (V8 DOHC). Exclusive Swedish sports cars, built in the south of the country by Christian von Koenigsegg’s company, with ever-wilder versions through the 2000s. CC prototype shown in the 1990s, first delivery of CC8S to a customer in 2002. CCR (2004) briefly was the world’s fastest production car, and sold at a fraction of the price of the Bugattis which took the title off it. Supercharged engines, originally the Modular V8 sourced from Ford before Koenigsegg went its own route. Trevita a 2010 spin-off of the CCX. Considered a very focused sporting machine, carefully engineered, with the definitive style from David Crafoord, Fredrik Åsell and Joachim Nordwall.

Manufacturing location: Ängelholm, Skåne, Sweden

Marque: Koenigsegg | Successor: Koenigsegg Agera

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