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Kish Khodro Sinad. 2000–4 (prod. 1,800 approx.; other source cites 2,300 approx.). 3-door sedan. F/F, 1598 cm³ (I4 OHC). An all-Iranian effort but not a successful one, and regarded by some as Iran’s first true national car. Renault drivetrain, suspension and axles coupled with a fibreglass body. Renault 21 parts used, along with radiator, wiper blades and other parts from Kia Pride (Y); handbrake assembly from Peugeot 405; door mirrors from Daewoo Cielo. First shown 1999, and in production from 2000. Hampered by poor build quality from its fibreglass body, and poorly designed interior. Ladder chassis, though not capable off-road. Improved Sinad 2 débuted a year after the original launched. By this point, Renault had bought out Dacia and was preparing to launch the Logan, in the same budget market as the Sinad. Doomed when Kish Khodro hit financial difficulties, and proposed new models never came to fruition.

Manufacturing location: Kish, Hormozgān, Iran

Marque: Kish Khodro


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