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Haima Family

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Range originally derived from Mazda Familia (BJ), originally built under licence by Haima (Hainan-Mazda). The word Family was derived from Familia, and as the years wore on, the cars began departing from the original Mazda design. A 2006 facelift saw the original Family become Family 2, and Haima’s own engines were inserted. The 2011, second-generation Family (reported as third-generation in the Chinese media), was essentially a rebodied version of the BJ, derived from the 2007 Haima 3. The 2014 M5 was where the real departure came, a car of Haima’s own design.

Marque: Haima | Predecessors: Mazda Familia, Haima 3

q.v. Haima Happin

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