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Ford Explorer (U502)

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2011 Ford Explorer.jpg

Ford Explorer (U502). 2011–19 (prod. n/a). 5-door SUV. F/F, F/A, 1999, 2253 cm³ (I4 DOHC), 3496, 3497 cm³ (V6 DOHC). Ford ditches Explorer’s truck origins in favour of Taurus-based (and in turn Volvo-based) SUV. Unibody construction. Ecoboost blown four, developing 237 hp; V6 at 290 hp. Front-wheel-drive models betray car base. No V8s on launch. Ford acknowledged that many SUV buyers hardly took their vehicles off-road, and the negatives of the SUV market, in creating a lower, “friendlier” Explorer. Terrain Management electronics attempted to substitute the former model’s mechanical toughness on rough terrain. Decent power delivery, with engine slightly rough at top end; greatly improved fuel economy, interior, refinement and aerodynamics. Revisions for 2016 model year, including suspension tweaks, which lengthened wheelbase marginally (0·2 in), while a new nose lengthened the vehicle by an inch, but much the same as before.

Manufacturing location: Chicago, Illinois, USA

Marque: Ford | Model: Ford Explorer | Predecessors: Ford Taurus X, Ford Explorer (U251) | Successor: Ford Explorer (U625)

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