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Dodge 600. 1983–8 (prod. 309,590). 2- and 4-door sedan, 2-door convertible. F/F, 2213, 2507, 2555 cm³ (I4 OHC). Stretched K-car, twin of Chrysler E Class. ES model marketed as a sports sedan that could rival Mercedes W123 and BMW 5-series. Never managed to, but very good alternative to Pontiac 6000 and other GM A-cars. Considered roomy, well sized for mid-size car buyers, and helped Chrysler restore its fortunes in the early 1980s. Convertible actually a rebadged Dodge 400, i.e. K-car, sold from 1984 on shorter wheelbase. Mitsubishi 2555 cm³ engine deleted after 1985 model year; convertibles had 2507 cm³ option in final year, 1986. ES replaced in 1986; SE trim introduced.

Manufacturing location: Detroit, Michigan, USA

Marque: Dodge | Predecessors: Dodge Mirada, Dodge 400 | Successors: Dodge Spirit, Dodge Dynasty

q.v. Plymouth Caravelle (1983–8)

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