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Austin Tasman

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Austin Tasman.jpg

Austin Tasman (X6). 1970–3 (prod. 12,194 sold incl. Kimberley). 4-door sedan. F/F, 2227 cm³ (I6 OHC). Australian version of the BMC ADO17 (Austin 1800), with new front and rear ends, but the same doors. Boot larger than 1800 by 5 ft³ but fuel tank remained at 10 gal. Front-wheel drive considered unusual in the Australian market, where Tasman competed with traditional sedans there. Very good handling and ride, with rubber helper springs complementing Hydrolastic suspension. Refined with low road noise, though gearbox noisy and the six thirsty. Mk II revisions in 1973, but cancelled later that year as P76 came on stream.

Manufacturing location: Zetland, New South Wales, Australia

Marque: Austin | Predecessor: Austin 1800 Mk II | Successor: Leyland P76

q.v. Austin Kimberley

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