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Acura TL (UA4)

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1999 Acura TL.jpg

Acura TL (UA4/UA5). 1999–2003 (prod. n/a). 4-door sedan. F/F, 2495, 3210 cm³ (V6 OHC). US-made premium sedan, exported to Japan as Honda Inspire and Honda Saber (with differences in grilles) with sales commencing October 1998, largely the same size as previous Inspire. Smaller V6 unit for Japanese sales, and the five-cylinder units abandoned; decent power from VTEC 3·2. Foot-operated parking brake. Early models with five-speed automatic, smooth when new, suffered serious transmission problems. A decent sport sedan when new, with steering on the light side. Well equipped and well priced. Bose sound system standard on all Inspires, while DVD sat-nav available on Saber and, from 2000, North American-market 3·2 TL (which previously had a CD-based one). CL coupé launched for 2001 model year, but it was never as successful as the sedan. Mid-term changes for 2001 model year.

Manufacturing location: Marysville, Ohio, USA

Marque: Acura | Model: Acura TL | Predecessor: Honda Inspire (UA1), Honda Saber (UA1) | Successors: Acura TL (UA6), Honda Inspire (UC1)

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