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AMC Pacer

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1975 AMC Pacer X.jpg

AMC Pacer. 1975–80 (prod. 280,000 approx.). 3-door sedan, 3-door wagon. F/R, 232, 258 in³ (I6 OHV), 304 in³ (V8 OHV). Abbreviated American sedan, wider than a Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow with barely more interior room than an Austin Maxi. Called worst car ever tested by Autocar & Motor in 1988, though it had its fans as production figure attests. More an example of gaudy styling, though large glasshouse (from a 1971 concept idea) meant some practicality. Low bonnetline hinted at AMC’s intention to equip the Pacer with a GM Wankel engine, but when it failed to materialize, the car was equipped with large (by non-American standards) sixes and even a V8, which hardly made it an economy vehicle. However, it was very aerodynamic. Asymmetric: right-side door longer than left one. Rear space intruded by where wheelarches were. Gained fame probably later in life but not loved outside the US. VAM Pacer in México from 1976; wagon from 1977.

Manufacturing locations: Kenosha, Wisconsin, USA; Ciudad de México, México

Marque: AMC

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