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Škoda 1000 MB, 1100 MB

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Škoda 1000 MB.jpg

Škoda 1000 MB/Škoda 1100 MB/Škoda 1000 MBG/Škoda 1000 MBX/Škoda 1100 MBX (Typ 990/Typ 721/Typ 710/Typ 990T). 1964–9 (prod. 443,141). 4-door saloon, 2-door coupé. R/R, 988, 1107 cm³ (I4 OHV). Škoda began developing its new passenger car range in the mid-1950s, when rear-engined cars were still acceptable in the compact sector. Wraparound rear window. MB (the initials stood for Mladá Boleslav) featured monocoque body (a first for a mass-produced Czechoslovakian car) and all-synchro gearbox, but swing-axle rear suspension made for very tricky handling. Base model (Typ 990) featured 1·0 developing 42 PS; 1000 MB de Luxe (Typ 721) from 1966 took power to 48 PS. MBX denoted rare two-door coupé (Typ 990T), which appeared in 1966, along with revised 1000 MB; the coupé had issues with body rigidity, with the B-pillar gone; 1000 MBG de Luxe saloon (Typ 710) launched in 1967 with twin-carb 1·0. MBG and MBX had twin-carburettor, 71 PS engines. The four-door 1100 MB de Luxe and two-door 1100 MBX de Luxe begin production in 1967. Payload increased that year, with the platform reinforced.

Manufacturing location: Mladá Boleslav, Czechoslovakia

Marque: Škoda | Predecessor: Škoda Octavia (1959–71) | Successors: Škoda 100, 110, 120 S, Škoda 110 R, 130 RS

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