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Renault Scénic E-Tech

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2023 Renault Scénic E-Tech.jpg

Renault Scénic E-Tech. 2023 to date (prod. n/a). 5-door MPV. F/F, 60, 87 kWh electric. Scénic becomes an EV, related to the Mégane E-Tech and Nissan Ariya. Longer than Mégane by 269 mm, and claimed to be in the MPV mould, though with crossover touches (19- and 20-inch wheels among them, and lower than the original Scénic). Roomy boot and interior. Polymer dispersed liquid crystals in roof allow it to go from transparent to opaque. Denser battery than Mégane, with no rare earth materials. Multi-link rear axle and similar handling to Mégane. Quarter of the car (by mass) is from recycled materials, including bio-sourced recycled materials in the interior, and 90 per cent of the car is recyclable.

Manufacturing location: Douai, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France

Marque: Renault | Model: Renault Scénic | Predecessor: Renault Scénic IV


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