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Honda Civic (1972–9)

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1972 Honda Civic.jpg

Honda Civic. 1972–9 (prod. n/a). 2-, 3-, 4- and 5-door sedan, 5-door wagon. F/F, 1169, 1237, 1488 cm³ (I4 OHC). World-beating small car, developed in record two years. Named denoted car’s relevance to citizens and cities. Revolutionary in its day, when two-box sedans were largely unknown. Initially 680 kg weight; 2200 mm wheelbase. Styling based around trapezoidal form. Independent strut suspension all-round, setting template for future Honda models and ensuring excellent handling. Answered demand among Japan’s growing, affluent middle class for more sophisticated cars, exported just as fuel crisis hit in 1973. Two-door saloon first in July 1972; three-door hatch in September. Automatic and CVCC in 1973; four-door at end of year with 2280 mm wheelbase. Twin-carb Civic RS in 1974 along with commercial van and station wagon (also longer wheelbase). Minor facelift in 1977. Some rust issues, though this never affected Honda’s reputation in the way it did with Alfa Romeo and Lancia this decade.

Manufacturing location: Suzuka, Mie, Japan

Marque: Honda | Model: Honda Civic | Predecessor: Honda H1300 | Successor: Honda Civic (1979–83)

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