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Ford Galaxie (1967–83)

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1979 Ford Galaxie Landau.jpg

Ford Galaxie. 1967–83 (prod. 77,850). 4-door sedan. F/R, 4458, 4785, 4949 cm³ (V8 OHV). Brazilian edition of the US 1965 model year Galaxie, considered one of the country’s top sedans, launching in 500 trim. Plenty of torque, and imposing length—5,357 to 5,365 mm depending on model. External mirrors in 1968, along with larger 4·8-litre engine. More luxurious Galaxie LTD from 1969, first domestically produced car with automatic transmission and the second to have air conditioning. Base model from 1970, without power steering, clock or radio, produced to 1972. Minor revisions for 1971, including front and rear changes, and even more appointments for new LTD Landau. New bonnet, and front and rear ends, for 1973, while 1976 saw a more substantial facelift, with the end of the stacked front headlights, in favour of a more modern, squarer appearance. Windsor 302 on all models from 1976, imported from México, developing 199 hp. Range began shrinking from 1979, when 500 deleted; LTD in 1982; Landau in April 1983. Not directly replaced.

Manufacturing location: São Paulo, Brazil

Marque: Ford | Model: Ford Galaxie | Predecessor: Aero Willys (1963–8)

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