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Dodge 1500

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1973 Dodge 1500.jpg

Dodge 1500/Dodge 1500M. 1973–81 (prod. 262,668 all versions). 4-door sedan, 5-door wagon. F/R, 1498, 1798 cm³ (4 cyl. OHV). Argentine version of Hillman Avenger and related to Brazilian Dodge 1800 (1973–5) and Dodge Polara (1976–81). Different rear end on sedan compared to Avenger. Originally three models, all sedans, with GT-90 at top of range. Larger engine from 1974. Facelift in 1977, in line with UK Avenger; GT-100 with 105 hp 1·8 announced same year. Wagon called Rural. Succeeded by Volkswagen model, which still carried a Dodge badge initially after VW took over Chrysler’s old Argentinian operations; but carried the VW logo after an extensive logo in 1982.

Manufacturing location: San Justo, Argentina

Marque: Dodge | Successor: Volkswagen 1500 (1982–91)

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