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Citroën Méhari

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Citroen Mehari.jpg

Citroën Méhari/IES Safari. 1968–86 (prod. 143,747 in total). 2-door utility. F/F, F/A, 602, 652 cm³ (F2 OHV). You can’t accuse Citroën of not getting the most from its 2CV platform. The Méhari was conceived to appeal to the rapidly expanding recreational market and was minimalist in the extreme. The corrugated bodywork was made from ABS plastic, which was both durable and rugged, and the doors and soft-top designed for easy removal. Its 2CV mechanics meant any half-competent spanner-man could fix a Méhari with the most basic of tools. A four-wheel-drive twin-engined version was produced, and remains desirable, otherwise the main following is in France. French production to 1986. Built in Argentina to 1980, when the French company withdrew; IES resumed production of essentially the same car as the Safari in 1984, cancelling it in 1986.

Manufacturing locations: Levallois, France; Argentina

Marque: Citroën

q.v. Citroën 2CV

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