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Cadillac Fleetwood (1985–8)
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1988 Cadillac Fleetwood d’Élégance.jpg

Cadillac Fleetwood (C-body). 1985–8 (prod. n/a). 4-door sedan, 2-door coupé, 4-door LWB sedan, 4-door limousine. F/F, 4087, 4467 cm³ petrol, 4310 cm³ diesel (V8 OHV). Second round of downsizing for the mainstream Cadillac, with a shift to front-wheel drive and transverse engines. Soft ride as expected for Cadillac, but the reduction in size didn’t help as buyers wanted big cars again. No longer a true six-seater with the narrower body. V8 gave decent performance in the lighter car, and steering was more responsive.

Manufacturing location: Lake Orion, Michigan, USA

Marque: Cadillac | Model: Cadillac Fleetwood | Predecessor: Cadillac Fleetwood (1977–86) | Successor: Cadillac Fleetwood (1989–92)

q.v. Cadillac de Ville (1985–8)

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