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Volkswagen Sedán (1985–2003)

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Volkswagen Sedán.jpg

Volkswagen Sedán. 1985–2003 (prod. 21,529,464 all Käfer/Type 1). 2-door sedan. R/R, 1584 cm³ (F4 OHV). Final incarnation of Käfer, called Sedán officially in México but usually nicknamed vocho. Last of the original Type 1, killed by changing emissions laws in México and a requirement for taxis to have four doors (prior to that, the Sedán was a popular cabbie choice). New larger rear window (as with German models from 1972) in 1985, Europa Editions 1 and 2 in 1986 and 1987 (as limited editions), electronic ignition from 1988, anti-theft system from 1990, catalytic converter from 1991, and electronic fuel injection, hydraulic valve lifters and spin-on oil filter from 1993. Last car off the line shipped to VW museum in Wolfsburg.

Manufacturing location: Puebla, Puebla, México

Marque: Volkswagen | Model: Volkswagen Käfer | Predecessors: Volkswagen Sedán (1967–85), Volkswagen Fusca (1983–6) | Successors: Volkswagen Fusca (1993–6), Volkswagen New Beetle

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