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MG Magnette Mk III

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MG Magnette Mk III/Siam Di Tella Magnette/MG Magnette 1622 (prod. 16,676 UK only, 2,664 Siam Di Tella 1·6). 1959–67. 4-door saloon. F/R, 1489, 1622 cm³ (I4 OHV). Badge-engineered MG, with no connection to Abingdon, and built at Cowley. MG grille and badge, and twin-carb B-series engine later shared with Riley 4/68; walnut veneer facia and leather upholstery inside. Replaced in UK in 1961 with Mk IV. Built in Argentina as upscale companion to Siam Di Tella 1500, initially with decompressed 1·5, but from 1964 with 1·6 found in Mk IV and four-speed gearbox (and badged Siam Di Tella Magnette 1622). With IKA taking over Siam Di Tella, the cars were rebadged MG Magnette 1622.

Manufacturing locations: Cowley, Oxfordshire, England; Monte Chingolo, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Marques: MG, Siam Di Tella | Model: MG Magnette | Predecessor: MG Magnette ZB | Successors: MG Magnette Mk IV, MG 1650

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