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Jeep Patriot

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Jeep Patriot.jpg

Jeep Patriot (MK74). 2007–17 (prod. over 177,000 sold to end of 2010). 5-door SUV. F/F, F/A, 1968, 2143 cm³ diesel, 1998, 2359 cm³ petrol (I4 DOHC). Downward extension of Jeep brand as DaimlerChrysler took it to crossover SUVs, including a front-wheel-drive model. Same platform as sister car Jeep Compass and Mitsubishi Outlander (CW), and related to the one underpinning the Dodge Avenger. Styling aped larger models such as Jeep Liberty (KK), and boxy shape roomy. Despite on-road intent, actually quite poor in handling and comfort stakes, and cheap materials on the inside. Not the best performer, either, but fuel economy better than average. Volkswagen 2·0 diesel replaced by Mercedes-Benz 2·2 unit in 2010.

Manufacturing location: Belvidere, Illinois, USA

Marque: Jeep | Successor: Jeep Compass (MP)

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