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Bentley Turbo R (1995–7)
Out now: Autocade Yearbook 2024

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1996 Bentley Turbo R.jpg

Bentley Turbo R. 1995–7 (prod. 1,366, incl. 823 LWB). 4-door saloon, 4-door LWB saloon. F/R, 6750 cm³ (V8 OHV). Revised Turbo R, with a smaller grille. Sleeker appearance achieved simply by raising the front bumper; extra air intakes below the bumper. Bentley image far better cemented by this stage than when the original Mulsanne appeared. Considered separate from original Turbo R by Rolls-Royce.

Manufacturing location: Crewe, Cheshire, England

Marque: Bentley | Model: Bentley Turbo R | Predecessor: Bentley Turbo R (1985–95) | Successor: Bentley Turbo RT


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